Step To College on Campus

STC on Campus gives high school juniors and seiors the opportunity to register for available seats in lower division SJSU courses (lower division courses are numebred in the 1-99 range). Students who are interested in taking SJSU classes through STC on Campus work with a counselor, teacher, or adminstrator at their high school to: 

  • Identify an appropriate course in their area of interest. You may need to refer to the SJSU Course Catalog or Schedule of Classes.
  • Confirm that they have met course prerequisites. 
  • Ensure that they recieve appropriate high school credit for taking the course through SJSU. 

Before you apply, please consider the following: 

  • Only high school juniors and seniors may enroll inSJSU courses through the STC on Campus. 
  • Only lower division courses will considered for STC on Campus enrollment. The cost per course is $20 (For comparison, the cost of a three-unit course for a regularly admitted CA resident taking a 15-unit course load is $573). 
  • Students may take only one STC on Campus course per semester and two STC on Campus courses total.
  • After taking two courses, high school students may continue to enroll in SJSU courses through Open University at the regular fee schedule (currently $840 for a three-unit lecture). 
  • For additional information, refer to the Students and Parents section of our FAQ page.

Interested in enrolling? 

To inquire about enrolling in a SJSU courses through STC on Campus, please complete this interest form.