Step to College (STC) Partnerships

Through Step to College (STC) Partnerships, a school or district can reserve seats for their students in approved SJSU lower division classes. (Lower division courses are numbered in the 1-99 range.) Participating students take classes from SJSU instructors on campus or online, depending upon the mode of instruction.

SJSU classes that have been offered through STC Partnerships include the following:

  • AAS 33A: Asian Americans in US History
  • ANTH 11: Cultural Anthropology
  • JS 10: Introduction to Justice Studies
  • JS 12: Introduction to Legal Studies
  • JS 25: Introduction to Human Rights and Justice

If you are a high school administrator or counselor who is interested in exploring the possibility of setting up an STC Partnership with SJSU, use the SJSU Course Catalog or Schedule of Classes to identify the courses that you would like to offer to your students and then fill out the interest form below.

Before you apply, please consider the following: 

  • SJSU will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the school or district specifying the academic term, classes, and number of students who may participate in the program. All STC Partnership MOUs will last for one academic term (fall or spring).
  • Course availability is subject to the approval of the academic department that offers the course. Some SJSU departments may choose not to participate in SCT Partnerships.
  • The cost of the program is $20.00 per student, to be paid by the school, district, or student, according to the terms of the MOU.
  • The school or district is responsible for identifying and recruiting students and conferring high school credit to program participants.
  • Students may take only one STC course per semester and two STC courses total. After taking two courses, high school students may continue to enroll in SJSU courses through Open University at the regular fee schedule (currently $840 for a three-unit lecture).
  • For additional information, refer to the High School Educators section of our FAQ page.

Interested in becoming a partner with SJSU?

To inquire about establishing an STC Partnership with SJSU, please complete this interest form.