UndocuAlly Training

Requesting a Training 

The UndocuSpartan Student Resource Center (USRC) offers UndocuAlly trainings for SJSU staff and faculty that seek to create a safe and welcoming environment for undocumented students and students from mix status families. Departments/units can request a training by filling out the UndocuAlly Training Request Form

Topics that we can cover include: 

  • Immigration Policies that Impact Undocumented Students
  • Research informed practices to support and empower students who are undocumented
  • CSU Legal Support Services
  • Paying for College/ Financial Aid for Undocumented Students
  • Paid Opportunities for Undocumented Students
  • Case Study Activities

Please note the following: 

  • We ask that you give us AT LEAST 60 minutes to present.
  • Depending on the time you allocate to us, we might not cover all the topics you request. We will consult with you ahead of time to determine the presentation's format and issues if we cannot fully meet your initial request. 
  • All presentations will be done via Zoom during Fall 2021. 
  • Submit your request at least two weeks in advance.

If we cannot provide expertise on a specific topic, we will provide you with a referral to experts within our community. 

Faculty and staff who participate in this training will also join a visible network of SJSU UndocuAllies that seek to create and foster a supportive and safe environment for undocumented people

For questions contact Ana Navarrete at ana.navarrete@sjsu.edu.

SJSU UndocuAlly Network

View the list of faculty and staff who are part of the UndocuAlly Network at SJSU