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Establishing In-State Tuition

There are a number of laws and policies in the state of California that protect an undocumented person right to access in-state tuition and financial aid resources at a a public institution of higher ed. Most undocumented students can qualify for in-state tuition by demonstrating time living in California and graduation. 

In-state Tuition Policies


Who May Qualify

Form(s) to Submit

Financial Aid

  • AB 540,
  • AB 2000,
  • SB 68
  • U.S. Citizens, 
  • Permanent Residents
  • Undocumented Students 
  • T & U Visa Holders
Non- Resident Tuition Exemption Form [pdf] (aka affidavit) Yes

CA Residency

  • US Citizens, 
  • Permanent Residents
  • DACA / TPS Holders
CSU Residence Questionnaire [pdf] No

Additional Resources

Financial Aid Options for UndocuSpartans

There are various forms of aid and scholarship available to undergraduate and graduate undocumented students, on and off campus. Here you will find general information about the type of aid undocumented students may be able to receive based on CA Residency eligibility for tuition purposes .

What aid could I qualify for as an undocumented student?

  Non- Instate

AB 540/ AB 2000/ SB 68

CA Resident

State and University Aid

No Yes No

School Scholarships 

Some Yes Yes

External Scholarships


Yes Yes Yes

There are many external scholarships that are open to undocumented students regardless of immigration status, employment eligibility, nationality, etc. Check out our list of scholarship resources

State and University Financial Aid

Undocumented students who qualify for the AB 540, AB 2000, or SB 68, may be eligible to receive state and university aid through the CA Dream Act Application. Students who qualify are encouraged to apply to the CA Dream Act by the March 2nd priority deadline. Learn more about the CA Dream Act Application

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There are a number of scholarship and fellowships that are open to undergraduate and graduate students that do not have a SSN or AB540. We encourage students to explore those opportunities and apply, apply, apply! Check out some of the following resources: