Dr. Yanika Schneider

Dr. Yanika SchneiderLecturer

Email: yanika.schneider@sjsu.edu
Office Hours: Virtual (Zoom) - By Appointment


  • Ph.D. Chemistry and Biochemistry, UC Santa Barbara, 2010
  • B.A. Chemistry and History, Grinnell College, 2006


Research Interest: Biomaterials for Tissue and Bone Repair, Anti-Microbial Coatings, Polymer-Based Concrete Materials, Recycling Processes, and Renewable Polymers

Dr. Yanika Schneider received her Ph.D. from University of California at Santa Barbara in materials chemistry. Her thesis focused on the synthesis and characterization of functionalized polyolefin materials. She then joined UC Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley National Lab for her postdoc to study the self-assembly of block copolymers containing polymerized ionic liquids. This experience exposed her to more polymer physics-based research as she sought to relate polymer structure to ion transport in proton conducting membranes. After her postdoc, Dr. Schneider briefly worked at an energy startup helping a small team develop nanostructured carbon-based supercapacitors. In 2013, she joined Eurofins EAG where she specializes in the characterization of diverse materials using infrared and x-ray fluorescence spectroscopies. She also works as a project manager leading complex multi-technique investigations involving polymer degradation, contamination and deformulations. Three years ago, Dr. Schneider was invited to develop curricula related to polymer science at San Jose State University. She currently teaches two undergraduate courses (Polymers and Polymer Composites) and a master’s course (Research Methods). Dr. Schneider leads a research group focused structure/function relationships in polymeric materials, including renewable and biodegradable polymers, anti-microbials and innovations in materials recycling.