Spring 2022 Seminar Schedule

Tuesdays at 4:30 PM

Before 02/15/2022: Virtually via Zoom, please fill out Google form ( for information and registration

Starting from 02/15/2022: In person in DH 250

Date Title Presenter
01/27/2022 (Extra)

Creating Millions of Drug Leads in a Small Tube: [pdf]

Genetically Encoded Fragment-based Discovery (GE-FBD) [pdf]

Biochemistry Faculty Candidate
02/01/2022 Long Noncoding RNAs: The Long Road from Transcriptional Noise to Biologically Active Macromolecules [pdf] Biochemistry Faculty Candidate
02/03/2022 (Extra) Development of Selective Covalent Inhibitors of the P. falciparum Proteasome [pdf] Biochemistry Faculty Candidate
02/08/2022 Chiral Solvent Discovery: Deep Eutectic Solvents for Circularly Polarized Luminescence Applications [pdf] Prof. Todd Hopkins, Butler University
02/10/2022 (Extra) Marine Natural Products – Medicines from the Sea [pdf] Biochemistry Faculty Candidate
02/15/2022 Aging of Organic Species in Atmospheric Aerosol Particles: Implications for Climate [pdf] Prof. Annalise Van Wyngarden
02/22/2022 Hormonal Regulation of Mammalian Heart Muscle Cell Proliferation and Regeneration [pdf] Prof. Alexander Payumo, San José State University
03/01/2022 AI-driven Predictions of Binding Trends of SARS-CoV-2 Variants from Atomistic Simulations [pdf]

Dr. Sara Capponi 


03/08/2022 Exploring the Roles of Aptamers in Imaging [pdf]

Prof. Marlin Halim

Cal State University East Bay

03/15/2022 Radiation: Myths and Misconceptions [pdf]

Prof. Jeff Bryan

University of Wisconsin, La Crosse



Targeting Pseudomonas aeruginosa:  [pdf]

Exploration of an antipyocyanin compound and Characterization of the C-terminal domain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ArnA [pdf]

Ms. Lucero Sandoval 

San José State University

Miller Conrad Laboratory

04/05/2022 Steric Effect on Benzyl Ether Olefins Under SADMET Polymerization  [pdf]

Ms. Su Hu

San José State University

Radlauer Laboratory

04/12/2022 Sustainable Systems to Produce Fuels and Chemicals  [pdf]

Dr. Andrew Ingram

Gevo Inc.

04/19/2022 Metal/Carbon Nanocomposite Catalysts for Electrochemical Energy Technologies [pdf] 

Prof. Shaowei Chen

University of California Santa Cruz

4/26/2022 Characterization of Bridging Waters and the Role of Ions in a Diverse Set of Protein-RNA Complexes [pdf]

Ms. Leslie Duong

San José State University, Lustig Laboratory

05/03/2022 Mutagenesis Studies of JHA15, a Midgut Protease from the Aedes aegypti Mosquito [pdf]

Ms. Kenia Mejia Escobar

San José State University, Rascon Laboratory


Ms. Ivy Tran

San José State University,

Terril Laboratory

COVID-19 Notice

Due to concerns over COVID-19, we will be holding seminars via Zoom (unless otherwise notified). If you are interested in viewing seminar and are not enrolled in the seminar course, please RSVP for access to the seminar.