Register for Classes

Before Registration

Before registering for classes, students should:

  1. Review their MyPlanner and their program's degree requirements in the Academic Catalog.
  2. Schedule an advising session with your major advisor and assigned academic advising center.
  3. Ensure a registration (enrollment) appointment has been assigned in MySJSU. In order to receive an appointment, all admissions steps must be completed.  

Students are encouraged to use MyScheduler, which will generate every possible schedule for you so you can maximize your course selections and remain on track for a timely graduation.

Register for Classes

Review the Registration Basics to review enrollment appointments, how to add or drop a class, and any common registration issues. All registration is completed through MySJSU

Current student can register for Summer or Winter Intersession and have advanced registration dates.

Non-SJSU students, including former SJSU students, current students from other universities, or community members just looking to gain more knowledge, can register for classes year-round through Open University.

After Registration

Monitor Progress to Graduation

Students should regularly run their MyProgress in MySJSU to monitor their completion of all degree requirements, including General Education. The report is updated with the latest enrollment changes, including grades, transfer credit evaluations, and advisor approved adjustments every time it is generated. Review your MyProgress report.