Graduate Faculty

Meet our COMM Studies Graduate Faculty!

Graduate faculty members hold PhDs and have specialized training in communication. They teach courses in our MA program, mentor graduate students, and serve on thesis and project committees.

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  COMM Graduate Faculty Contact
A headshot picture of Kristen Cole.

Kristen Cole

Associate Professor & Undergraduate Studies Program Director

Critical Health Communication, Rhetoric, Cultural Studies

Headshot of Prof. Gomez

Felipe Gómez

Associate Professor

Organizational Communication

A headshot picture of Rona Halulani.

Rona Halualani


Critical Intercultural Communication


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Tabitha Hart

Professor & TA Program Director

Ethnography of Communication, High Impact Educational Practices

A headshot picture of Oona Hatton.

Oona Hatton

Associate Professor 

Performance Studies

A headshot picture of Marie Haverfield.

Marie Haverfield

Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director

Health, Interpersonal, and Family Communication

A headshot picture of Kathleen McConell.

Kathleen McConnell

Associate Chair

Rhetorical Studies, Critical Communication Education

Picture of Alejandro Artiga-Purcell.

Alejandro Artiga-Purcell

Assistant Professor

Environmental Communication Studies

A headshot picture of Priya Raman.

Priya Raman

Associate Professor

Media & Communication
(on loan to the University FA 2023)

A headshot picture of Matthew Spangler

Matthew Spangler


Performance Studies
(on loan to the Department of Film and Theatre FA 2022)

A headshot picture of Andrew Wood.

Andrew Wood

Department Chair

Rhetoric, Urban Studies, Tourism
(not teaching FA 2022)