B.A. in Communication Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies is a powerful degree, designed to equip students in Silicon Valley with a vast knowledge of communication rooted in theoretical frameworks, research methods, and practical application.

Program Requirements

With 4-unit upper-division courses, the Communication Studies major gives students greater flexibility and more choices to tailor their program to their specific academic and professional goals. 

In addition to SJSU General Education and elective requirements, students must complete at least 42 units in the major.




Core Courses (10 units)

COMM 101C, Junior Seminar: Theorizing Communication (4 units)

COMM 198, Applied Activity in Communication (2 units) or COMM 157, Community Action/Community Service (3 units)

COMM 199C, Senior Seminar: Synthesis and Application (4 units)


Foundations, Inquiry, Practice Courses (24 units)

2 Foundations courses (2 courses X 4 units each = 8 units)

2 Inquiry courses (2 courses X 4 units each = 8 units)

2 Practice courses (2 courses X 4 units each = 8 units)


Additional COMM Courses

8 additional units in Communication Studies; may be lower- or upper-division courses and may be completed at SJSU or at another college (such as a community college) 



 Total units in the major.



  • No more than 6 units of Credit/No Credit coursework may count toward the major.
    • COMM 198, a required course, counts as 2 units of Credit/No Credit.
    • No more than 1 unit of COMM 80 or COMM 91J may count toward the major.
    • No more than 3 units of COMM 191A, B, C, J, or M may count toward the major.
  • Transfer students may transfer up to 8 lower-division communication studies semester equivalent units.
  • Completing a minor in another discipline is strongly encouraged but not required.