Application Process

Welcome to San José State University and the Department of Communication Studies! We're honored that you're interested in choosing Communication Studies as your major, and we hope to see you soon.

How To Apply

Check out the SJSU Admissions page for everything you need to apply to San Jose State University.

I'm A First Year Student

Congrats on your admission to SJSU and to the Comm Studies program! We're honored you chose communication studies as your major and look forward to working with you as you progress through your program of study. As a first-year student you'll want to:

  • participate in SJSU's Summer Orientation
  • participate in SJSU's Week of Welcome events
  • attend the COMM Welcome Faire at the start of the semester
  • meet with a communication studies advisor during your first semester

Your first two years at SJSU you'll primarily focus on the requirements for your 39 units of Core GE (Basic Skills and Basic Knowledge of and Educated Person).

We have a few recommendations to get you started on your GE requirements:

Course Code Title of Course GE Area Requirement
COMM 20 Public Speaking A1
COMM 40 Argumentation and Advocacy A1
COMM 41 Critical Decision Making A3
COMM 10 Comm & Human Relationships D1
COMM 21 Performing Culture & Society D1
COMM 74 Fundamentals of Intercultural Comm E
NOTE: If these GE courses fulfill your Core GE requirements, they will not count toward the major requirements. However, they will help you out when you take the upper-division courses required in the major.

Questions? We're here to help! Email or make an appointment with a major advisor today!