Communication Studies Internship Program

The Communication Studies Internship Program (CSIP) allows undergraduate students to earn upper-division COMM credit (COMM 190 and/or COMM 198) and graduate students to earn M.A. level credit (COMM 291) by doing an internship or an internship project in an approved organization.  

COMM Center

The SJSU Communication Center offers academic support for students seeking help with their public speaking, writing, and general communication skills through workshops and individual tutoring. The Center also has a number of private “break-out” rooms for practicing speeches, quiet studying, and holding meetings. The Center’s staff includes Communication Studies faculty and peer tutors.

Study Abroad

Currently, the Department of Communication Studies offers two FLPs in Guangzhou, China and Berlin, Germany, and encourages students to participate in SJSU's Summer Abroad Program to Jyväskylä, Finland. Study Abroad courses are a great way to earn course credit while getting the chance to travel, explore the world, and engage in intercultural communication.


Join the SJSU Forensics program and develop practical communication skills you'll use in any career. Sign up for intercollegiate competition, judging, intramural tournaments, or other forensics activities. Majors may also enroll in COMM 198, Applied Activity, in forensics (COMM 91J, 191A, B, C, and J are not substitutes for COMM 198) after consultation with the Director of Forensics.


Graduating with honors is a mark of distinction, open to no more than 10% of the department's graduating class. Learn about the requirements for the Honors Program and how you can apply. Honors Students can take a graduate seminar for undergraduate or future graduate credit.

Social Media Team

The Communication Studies Social Media Team operates the COMM Central Network (CCN), which is a network of social media websites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tumblr. The CCN is affiliated with the COMM Network Club, a registered student organization, whose mission is to promote professional experience and training in the use of new media and social media in service to the Department of Communication Studies and its students, alumni, and faculty.