COMM 198 - Applied Activity

The 2-unit COMM Applied Activity requirement, sometimes called COMM 198 for short, requires you to apply what you've learned in your COMM courses in a real world setting outside the classroom. 

The Applied Activity is an important capstone experience for COMM majors.

Applied Activity Options & How to Apply

Each Applied Activity is coordinated by a different faculty member, and each one has its own particular application process. Use the information below to review the options and apply for the activity of your choice.


Contact Person

How to Apply

Work as a COMM Center tutor.
COMM Center Director
Roxanne Cnudde
Apply online via the COMM Center website.
Earn units for your COMM internship.
Internship Director
Carol-Lynn Perez
Review the COMM Studies Internship Program (CSIP) website for instructions.
Take COMM 198 through the Forensics  program.
Forensics Interim Director
Kim Yee 
Email the Forensics Director.
Work on the COMM Social Media Team (SMT).
SMT Director
Minna Holopainen
Apply online from the SMT website.
Take COMM 157SL, which also fulfills the GE Area S requirement.
157SL Course Coordinator
Kristen Cole
Enroll yourself into the course during your Fall or Spring enrollment period.
Participate in the COMM study abroad program in Berlin, Germany.
Berlin Program Directors
Tabitha Hart 
Andrew Wood 
Visit the Berlin program website or email the program directors.
Complete an applied research project with a COMM faculty member.
COMM faculty
Coordinate with a COMM faculty member. Devise an applied research project with them, complete a learning plan, and submit your proposal to the COMM department chair for approval.

Learning Objectives

All COMM Applied Activity courses share these basic learning objectives.

  1. Translate theory into practice.
  2. Explain and demonstrate abilities in oral and written communication.
  3. Integrate critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  4. Exhibit knowledge of communication theory.
  5. Relate communication strategies to varied audiences.
  6. Apply critical listening skills.
  7. Work effectively with others.
  8. Respect cultural and linguistic diversity.

Applied Activity Coursework

Each Applied Activity is an official COMM course; as such, you can expect to complete regular course assignments and (depending on the activity) participate in course meetings.

For each unit of the applied activity, you will be expected to complete approximately 50 hours of work.

Tips for Choosing an Applied Activity

  1. Review each of the Applied Activity options and create your own ranked choice. Then, apply for your first choice. If your first choice doesn't work out, then apply for your second choice. If your second choice doesn't work out, then apply for your third choice, and so on. Keep applying in order of your preference until you get enrolled.
  2. Depending on which Applied Activity you enroll in, you may be able to complete the required 2 units through just one activity. Alternatively, you might be able to mix and match, completing the requirement through two different activities at 1 unit each.
  3. Most of the Applied Activities are offered only in the Fall and Spring semesters. The only exception is the Berlin study abroad program, which is only offered in Summer semesters.