CSIP Application

Application Process

CSIP has a four-step application process. We recommend you apply as soon as you secure an internship.

  1. Locate and secure an internship. Visiting our Internship Opportunities page to learn more about locating an internship.
  2. We are accepting application for Fall 2024 semester.
    1. Please email CSIP Director Carol-Lynn Perez to initiate the application process.
    2. Fall 2024 Applicants - Complete our Application Request Form after securing an internship. You will need to login with your SJSU email to access the form.  
  3. CSIP will review your request and send you a Student Learning Plan (SLP) through DocuSign if your internship meets our program requirements. It is best to identify your intenship duties, start and end dates, and how many hours you will be working with your internship supervisor before completing the SLP. You and your internship supervisor will have 90 days from the date the SLP is sent to complete your paperwork. DocuSign will void any paperwork not completed in that timeframe. Please return to Step 2 if your paperwork expires and DocuSign voids it.
  4. SJSU requires unpaid internships with a non-SJSU organization to register with the university and be listed on our SJS4 database. This is a two-step process and may take several weeks to complete. First, the organization will complete a New Partner Proposal Form (NPP) online. Second, the organization will complete the University Organization Agreement (UOA) which arrives via email. Please contact s4support@sjsu.edu if you need assistance or have questions about the NPP or UOA.

We review completed CSIP applications weekly. All internships and internship projects for COMM credit must be approved by the Communication Studies Internship Program. Once accepted into our program, you will receive an acceptance email outlining how and when you should begin logging your internship hours and when you will receive your add code(s) for enrollment into your internship course(s). All communications from our program will be sent to your SJSU email.

                                        Fall 2024 Applications
We recommend you apply as soon as you secure an internship. The *preliminary deadline* for Fall 2024 CSIP applications is on April 23, 2023, however, the program *rarely* fills by this date. All applications completed and submitted by this deadline will be considered for an add code for the semester. 

You may still submit your application materials after the preliminary deadline. Applications received after the deadline will be accepted for the semester until all seats are filled. After that, all incoming applications will be applied towards Fall 2024 enrollment.

Our program may fill up and you may be admitted with no more than 2 units if our program reaches capacity. Please keep in mind, internship units follow the registration calendar (i.e., add/drop deadlines) as any other class.

Future Deadlines: Preliminary Spring 2025 application deadline will be October 29, 2024 in accordance with advanced registration. 

Past Deadlines: Preliminary Spring 2024 application deadline was October 24, 2023 in accordance with advanced registration.

The university and CSIP are unable to approve internships with organizations outside of the United States at this time.