Groups are a great way for you to connect with peers, learn new skills and strategies, and grow, both emotionally and educationally!  

We offer numerous types of groups that get students interacting and connecting to help each other. 

Groups are often the most effective way to:

  • Gain support and encouragement from others
  • Learn how you are perceived by others
  • Gain specific skills to improve your life
  • Develop relationship skills

Ground rules, including confidentiality, are typically established with group members to help promote trust. For most benefit, consistent attendance is strongly encouraged. Read Debunking Myths about Group Therapy [pdf] to learn more about how group works. 

Some groups may require registration. To register, visit the Student Wellness Center Patient Portal. For instructions, visit the Guide to Register for SWC Workshops, Groups, and Events [pdf]

If the event is online and the link is not provided below, you must log-in to the Student Wellness Center Patient Portal at the time of the event to retrieve the link. 


Watch: Mental Health Intersection - Asian & Queer

Facilitator: Victoria Wu, Ph.D.

An individual identity can impact mental health. Intersecting identities can have a unique impact on mental health. This means unique challenges as well as unique ways to heal. This workshop is for students who are both Asian and LGBTQIA+ to raise awareness and encourage improvement of mental health. 

Watch: White Queer Antiracism Workshop

Facilitator: Shelby Pemberton, M.A.

White privilege constructs whiteness as normative and central to LGBTQIA+ identities and is reproduced through social norms, media representations, and daily interactions. Individuals who are white and queer still benefit from white supremacy and so there is anti-racism work to still engage in.

This workshop is a deeper dive into anti-racism for individuals who identify as white and in the LGBTQIA+ community because celebrating pride means being anti-racist.