For Faculty & Staff

If you observe or have information about criminal activity or immediate public safety concerns, call University Police Department by dialing 911 from any campus phone or call 408-924-2222 from any other phone.

In addition to working with students, we also work closely with faculty and staff. We provide outreach presentations, facilitate trainings, and offer consultation around student concerns. 

Since faculty and staff are often the first to notice changes in students' behaviors, you are in a unique position to support and help guide students. At times, students may need more because of a particularly difficult situation. We are available for consultation, and can discuss available resources.

Confidentiality Regarding Consultations

It is understandable that once you refer a student to our services, you may want to know whether that student has followed through to seek our services. However, counselors are under strict CA legal and ethical guidelines to not disclose mental health information of our clients, including appointment information. This is to provide an environment where students will feel more comfortable disclosing significant personal struggles in order to heal and gain important life skills. Sometimes these struggles are their deepest, darkest secrets (e.g., abuse history).

On the other hand, as a consultant and not necessarily our counseling client, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of faculty and staff’s consultations. In cases where our counselors determine we may need to inform the client or any other party about the topic of your consultation, especially in cases of campus safety, we will discuss our procedures with you. Please do feel free to discuss your concerns with our counselors.

Resources for Faculty/Staff Interested in Counseling:

Employee Assistance Program