Ben Falter, MS

Director, Care Experience & Operations

First day of work at San José State University

May 1, 2015

How did you get here? 

Caltrain to Diridon Station then VTA Bus 68! Just Kidding; Yes, I love public transportation too.

I've worked at colleges and universities in 4 states, from small privates, mid-size state schools, as well as a Big 10 University. When I started at SJSU I was the first non-clinical case manager and went on to develop a program (SJSU Cares) which serves students who might be hitting a bump in the road be that in mental or physical health, basic needs concerns, or otherwise hitting barriers in their journey. After 8 years helping build that student support program I moved back to the Student Wellness Center to help further develop the care experience and operations here in the SWC.

Who were your role models or mentors?

I had some great relationships with the Academic Dean, Director of Opportunity/TRIO, Director of Orientation at my undergrad. While I didn't call them a mentor at the time the discussions I had with them helped me mentally process a change in my career path that would best align with my talents and stay true to my heart. As my career grew I found strength in peer mentors supporting each other as we moved up the ladder so to speak.

What are your tips for getting started in this field?

Stay focused on your passions, be true to yourself, but also challenge yourself. Take classes, internships, and jobs where you don't know everything already. We learn when we are challenged. We learn when we move out of our safe zones of knowledge. 

What are your most important habit(s) or resource(s) for staying well?

Drinking plenty of water; for me its not just about the water, its about walking out to the water fountain as a means to have a stretch break, to engage with colleagues and students in the hallway. Keep Moving. Taking hikes, going for a run, or just choosing to walk vs hoping in a car for a short ride.