Health & Safety

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Health & Safety

Learn about important health and safety topics like IIPP, Hazard Communication, Fire Safety, Heat Related Illness, Water Quality and more.

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Injury and Illness Prevention Program

An Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) is designed to determine what hazards exist in the workplace and how to correct and/or manage those hazards to minimize the risk of injury or illness.

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Hazard Communications

Information about the identities and hazards of chemicals in the workplace.

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Heat-Related Illness

Learn how to recognize symptoms of heat related illness and how to prevent them. 
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Fire Safety

Learn about fire extinguishers and best practices to prevent fires in the workplace.
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Construction Safety

Review the construction and contractor safety program.
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Job Hazard Analysis

Learn about why JHAs are important and access templates that can help you complete one.
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Office Safety & Ergonomics

Learn how to minimize your risk of injury in an office environment. 
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Wildfire Smoke

Learn how to reduce worker exposure to wildfire smoke during a smoke event. 
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Water Quality

Learn how the University manages Drinking Water, Stormwater and Sanitary Sewers.
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Workplace Violence Prevention Program

Learn about how SJSU is implementing strategies to prevent and address incidences of workplace violence and employee retaliation.