Occupational Health and Safety Programs

The Occupational Health and Safety Program is developed to respond to identified hazards in the workplace. The goal is to manage hazards that exist in the workplace by applying the Hierarchy of Controls.

Hierarchy of Controls from Most to Least Effective

  1. Elimination or Substitution of the Hazardous Condition
    • Reduce energy, speed, use less hazardous materials.
  2. Engineering Controls
    • Ventilation, machine guarding, interlocks.
  3. Warnings
    • Odor in natural gas, signs, labels, horns, beepers.
  4. Training and Administrative Controls
    • Job procedures, lockout, and confined space entry.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment
    • Safety glasses, respiratory protection, back belts, ear plugs.

Occupational Health and Safety Program List

Asbestos, Lead and Mold Work

Confined Space Entry

Diving and Boating Safety

Electrical Safety and Lockout

Fall Protection

Forklift and Aerial Lifts

Hearing Conservation

Respiratory Protection

Hazard Communication