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Photography and Filming Requests

Non-student persons and entities must follow a new procedure that is reviewed and approved by University Marketing and Communications before FD&O can grant reservation and access to university facilities. This includes faculty and staff groups and external entities (non-profit or commercial).

Complete the non-student entity request form.

  1. UMC will review and ensure compliance
  2. Risk Management will review all required documentation and insurance 
  3. FD&O will review the filming request and contact the requestor for further details regarding space access and availability, applicable permitting or facility reservations, security coordination with the University Police Department (UPD), and other issues.


    Note that use of certain spaces include additional layers of review. This includes the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, Student Union and South Campus facilities. This will add to the total review and approval time and may result in either significant changes to how production can be done or rejection altogether.


Students, class groups and recognized student organizations must review and complete this different request form.

These request processes are not required for personal photography such as graduation photography sessions on campus grounds. 

It may take  a minimum of 10 business days to review the application. 


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