Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

The NEW Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is an exciting opportunity for students who are entering their first two years at SJSU. This program will help make sure newer students have the resources they need to be successful on campus and beyond. Participants will engage with various activities, projects, and topics that might arise throughout their leadership journey. Please note this is a co-curricular experience and does not bear any credit units.

The 2023 Emerging Leaders Program is now accepting applications

ELP Purpose:

To provide an opportunity for newer SJSU students (whether as a frosh or as a transfer student, international student in their second year, or studying abroad here in San Jose) to grow connections to the campus community and resources, meet other new students, and build leadership skills such as goal setting, communication, and inclusivity.


ELP Philosophy

Grounded in the notions that everyone is a leader and that leadership development takes place over a lifetime, the Emerging Leaders Program serves as a community space for learning through connection, self-exploration, and fostering curiosity.


Program Content Highlights:

  • Skill Exploration and Development
  • Leadership Case Studies
  • Goal Development and Strategic Planning
  • Exposure to Campus Resources and Leadership Opportunities
  • Core Values and Strength Building
  • Community Development
  • Reflective Leadership Activities


Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Establish meaningful connections to various campus resources and programs.
  • Be able to identify and learn how to maximize their personal strengths.
  • Increase their self-efficacy while developing leadership skills such as goal-setting, communication, and inclusivity.
  • Increase their engagement with social justice issues through an inclusive lens.
  • Develop personal strategies for their future leadership and skill development

Watch our "Leadership at Lunch: Learn About the Emerging Leaders Program" information session here and view the slides here! The syllabus for the program can be found here