Miguel "Miggy" Lomeli


Miggy's Photo


Academic Advisor

Pronouns: He/Him

Bachelor of Arts, English - Preparation for Teaching. San Jose State University

A proud SJSU alum, with 10 years of experience as an educator in the K-12 education system, Miggy joined the SJSU H&A Student Success Center in March 2024 as a Student Academic Success Specialist (SASS). During his time as an educator, he’s noticed existing educational inequities and the constant struggle for adequate resources. Remembering his own struggles as a student, he felt pulled to be the support his students needed in many ways: helping to close the equity gap and help his students–mostly first-time college-bound students–understand how to navigate college life. He hopes to continue his work in supporting students and his community in this new role. He enjoys seeing the success of each individual student and loves providing any information he can to ensure student success.

Fun facts! Miggy used to be a sponsored gamer for EA Sports under their FIFA franchise. He also enjoys character analysis conversations that range from gaming to tv to novels. The teams he follows are the UNC Tarheels(NCAA), Boston RedSox(MLB) and Las Vegas Raiders(NFL). Miggy is also an avid lover of history as well.