Changing or Adding a Major/Minor

College is a great time to explore your interests, both inside and outside of the classroom. During the course of that exploration, you may decide that changing your major or adding a minor will help you further explore an interesting academic discipline. Making the decision to change your major or add a minor will not solely determine your career destination, but it can provide you with insight and experience to inform the career pathway(s) you work toward during and after your undergraduate journey.

If you are thinking about making a change, please see the steps below. Because the process differs slightly for students based on the number of units they have earned, please check either your MyProgress or your unofficial transcript before making any advising appointments. If you have credits transferred from another institution, please note that only a maximum of 70 are being counted in the change or add of major/minor process. 



Less than 90 Units 

major minor action form - less than 90 process

Steps to Change Major/Minor



More than 90 Units

major minor action form more than 90 process

High Unit Warning: If your change of major or addition of minor request will push you significantly beyond 150 units, there is a high likelihood that your request will not be approved. If denied, appeals are possible.


Steps to Change Major/Minor


Appeals to Denials

If your request to change or add a major/minor is denied, you can submit an appeal within 30 days of receiving the original denied decision.

For more information on how to submit the appeal, please visit this website and select “Appeal a Denied Change or Declaration” under the “Major & Minor Requirements” heading.