General Information

MS ISE with Operational Analytics Concentration provides students with competency in data analytics methods along with fundamental knowledge in industrial and systems engineering.

An industrial and systems engineer 

  • may be employed in almost any type of industry and organization 
  • is expected to measure the organizations’ current performance, identify opportunities for improvement, develop improvement plans, implement the plans and assess the effectiveness of the plans 

Job market for ISE graduates has been looking for additional analytics skills as companies across all industries incorporate analytics for their daily operations within and across various departments to utilize real-time and offline data generated by sensors, customer behavior and sales, and production. This results in increasing demand in data analytics skills. MS ISE- Operational Analytics Concentration is specifically designed for these needs.

The goal of ISE- Operational Analytics Pogram is to provide students with necessary skills to compete in the demanding job market of industrial and operational data analytics, through a rigorous curriculum that facilitates student learning and competency of solving industrial and systems engineering problems using data analytics methods

Why Study MS ISE-Operational Analytics At SJSU?

  • SJSU MS ISE - Operational Analytics Concentration:
    • welcomes all engineering and science majors to apply 
    • is at the heart of Silicon Valley 
    • has a curriculum developed for growing needs of industry in the area of operational analytics 
    • emphasizes modern analytics, encompassing data analysis, statistical modeling, mathematical optimization, machine learning, artificial intelligence 
    • accommodates Silicon Valley professionals’ work schedules