General Information

Please visit the  Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations  website for general information regarding graduate admission at SJSU and to apply online. To begin applying online go to  Cal State Apply ( select the plus (+) icon next to the program name  MS Engineering Management). 

Application Deadlines

Applications found to meet the University admission standards are referred to the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department, where one of the following decisions is made:

  • admit to SJSU with approved MS degree objective (classified standing);
  • admit to SJSU conditionally on completion of specified requirements (conditionally classified);
    - OR -
  • not accepted into MS program

International Applicants

The universities of some countries, e.g., India and China (i.e., People's Republic of China), do NOT state on the transcript whether a degree has been conferred to the student and on which date the degree was conferred. Graduate Studies and Research of SJSU requires that all applicants from these countries submit a certified copy of their degree certificate (certified by the degree-conferring university) Provisional or Final to the Evaluation Service (i.e. Service). Please note that although it may be stated on the transcript issued by universities of these countries that all degree requirements have been fulfilled, you still must submit a certified copy of the degree certificate. If you do not have an official degree certificate yet either because you have not graduated yet or you have not received it, you should obtain a Provisional Degree Certificate.

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Admission Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Classified Standing

Students seeking admission to the MS - Engineering must meet the general university requirements for admission as outlined in this catalog. In addition, the applicant must possess a baccalaureate degree from an ABET accredited engineering program with a grade point average of at least 3.0 in the last 60 semester hours of upper division work completed in all subjects and in technical subjects only. Students meeting these criteria may be admitted in classified standing; however, students may still be admitted conditionally if they need prerequisite courses for the selected option. An engineering technology degree does not satisfy the degree requirement for admission to this program.

Requirements for Admission to Conditionally Classified Standing

A graduate applicant whose undergraduate record indicates deficiencies in one or more technical areas and/or has a grade point average less than 3.0 in the last 60 semester hours of upper division work completed in all subjects and in technical subjects only may be admitted for graduate work on a conditionally classified basis. Such students will be expected to satisfactorily complete additional course work before becoming classified. Students admitted in conditionally classified status may petition for classified status when course work in deficient areas has been completed, when they have satisfied the English Proficiency Requirement, and when their records in classes at San José State University show sufficient promise of success in the master's degree program.

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