Financial Aid

Many on-campus financial-aid opportunities exist, but they are seldom offered to students before they have begun their graduate study at SJSU. After having studied at SJSU for two semesters, an international student can apply for Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) and work in Silicon Valley part-time or as an intern with pay. Such applications can be approved by the International Student Advisor of SJSU and the Graduate Advisor of the ISE Department alone, without involving the INS, and they are routinely applied and approved. Many of our graduate students are full-time professionals working in Silicon Valley during the day time; some of them already have management and hiring responsibilities. All ISE graduate courses and appropriate BUS graduate courses are offered in the evening to enable graduate study by students with a full-time job or a part-time internship position. 

For additional information about financial aid for undergraduate and graduate studies in Industrial and Systems Engineering please visit Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.