2013 Linguistics and TESOL Symposium

We are pleased to announce the 2013 Linguistics and TESOL Symposium at San José State University. Join us for an afternoon steeped in celebration of the science of Linguistics at SJSU. Event details are as follows:

  • Date: Friday, September 20, 2013
  • Time: 12-4 PM
  • Place: Clark 202 at SJSU (2nd Floor of Clark)

This event is free and open to the public.

View the Symposium Schedule

The Symposium will feature talks from both applied (TESOL) and theoretical Linguistics, both of which are central to the vitality of our department. We visit a variety of topics from a variety of perspectives, including graduate, undergraduate, and alumni of SJSU.

We will also do our best, (technology permitting) to record and share the event later on, for the benefit of those that could not make it in person. If you are planning to attend the symposium and are good at either photo, video, or audio recording, please say hi.

For parking information, please consult the following website: http://www.sjsu.edu/parking/maps/

Alumni, students, and friends of the Department: Help support the LLDSA! You may buy custom-designed LING and TESOL Memorabilia at our online store. Or you may submit a donation: mark us as the recipients of your donation: "Linguistics and Language Development Student Association at SJSU" (LLDSA).

Call for Abstracts

We hereby announce a call for abstracts for the 2013 Linguistics and TESOL Symposium at SJSU, organized by the LLDSA. This event is designed to showcase the great diversity and quality of student work in our department. An invitation to present is extended to all current students of SJSU (graduate and undergraduate) as well as alumni and recent graduates. You will be strengthening your academic CV.

Info for Presenters

  • Talk length: 20 min. (15 to present, 5 for qanda)
  • Graduates, undergradates, and alumni of our department are all welcome to apply!
  • Subjects: Any personal research in Linguistics or TESOL undertaken at SJSU or stemming from it.
  • Criteria for selection: Relevance of research, quality of presentation, and balance of presenters. We want to give a voice to undergraduate, graduate, and alumni presenters at this event. Final selection will be done together with the LLDSA faculty advisors.

To Apply

Please email a detailed abstract of your talk, along with your contact information, to (email removed).

Abstract submission deadline: Sep 6th (Fri) at Midnight. (CLOSED)

Please include the following info:

  • Your name.
  • Email address or phone number.
  • Your status (grad, undergrad, alumnus)
  • Your focus (LING, TESOL)
  • 1-3 sentence synopsis of your talk (for the webpage)
  • Your abstract (up to 1 page, word or PDF format)