BSN Admission Requirements

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BSN Eligibility 

BSN applicants must meet the BSN eligibility requirements to be considered. Students brand new to nursing may apply.

REMINDER: There is a two-step application process to be admitted to the BSN program. Applicants must also meet CSU admission requirements (if not already at SJSU).

BSN Prerequisites and Corequisites

  • Applicants must achieve a 'C' grade or better in all BSN prerequisite and corequisite courses. 
  • The combined GPA of the 8 BSN prerequisite courses must meet the minimum GPA of 3.3 or better.
  • BSN prerequisites must be complete before submitting a NursingCAS application. BSN corequisite courses must be in progress or complete upon submitting NursingCAS application but must be completed before starting the program.
Prerequisite Courses Units
BIOL 65: Human Anatomy* 4
BIOL 66: Human Physiology* 5
MICR 20: General Bacteriology* 5
ENGL 1A: Composition 3
STAT 95: Elementary Statistics  3
CHEM 30A: Intro to Chemistry-Inorganic (or general chemistry equivalent) 3
COMM 20/COMM 96PS: Public Speaking 3
CSU GE Area A3: Critical Thinking Course 3

*Recency Requirements: BIOL 65, BIOL 66, MICR 20 must be completed within five (5) years of nursing application deadline. Courses may be repeated only once for academic forgiveness or recency requirements to achieve a minimum “C” grade. If a combined “Anatomy & Physiology” course is taken, all courses in the sequence should be taken at the same campus.

The department strongly recommends receiving a letter grade for prerequisite courses. Only letter grades are calculated in the prerequisite GPA.

Corequisite Courses Units
PSYC 1: Introduction to Psychology 3
CHAD 70: Lifespan Development in the 21st Century (development from birth to death) 3
NUFS 8: Nutrition for Health Professionals 3

Transfer Course Information

Courses from other institutions (not SJSU) used for prequisite and corequisite courses. 

You may check for course equivalency (articulation) by visiting SJSU Articulation. Use School to School Transfer or Course to Course Articulation to find your course equivalency.

Please visit Transferring Credits from Other Schools to SJSU or contact the Office of the Registrar if you have any questions.

The nursing department does not give credit for courses taken outside of the U.S. unless the degree is accepted through university admissions and the coursework is deemed as equivalent by the Admissions office.


  • Applicants must complete the TEAS exam and achieve a minimum score of 84%.
  • Starting in Fall 2024, TEAS exams must be taken within five years of application.
  • Version 7 is preferred.
  • A total of two attempts is allowed. The highest score of the first two attempts will be used. Attempts do not expire. 

Applicants are required to upload a copy of your TEAS score to your NursingCAS application as instructed by the deadline. Review our BSN FAQs for more helpful information regarding the TEAS exam.