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Three nurses, two in blue scrubs and one in a white coat, using virtual reality technology to learn in a nursing simulation lab.

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Nurses are at the frontline of healthcare — graduating from The Valley Foundation School of Nursing will set you on the path to success with the training, technical knowledge, and confidence to make a difference in your community. The programs in the School are evidence-based, with an implementation-focused curriculum that emphasizes hands-on skill building and partnerships with local healthcare providers.

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TVFSON nursing instructor leading a class of students, all wearing blue scrubs, in the nursing simulation lab. Photo Credit: Maya Carlyle, 2021 November.
BSN Students learning in our Simulation Lab.

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The Valley Foundation School of Nursing⚕️launches students into a career that changes lives. We have the degrees to keep your career going: Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (including an RN-BSN bridge), Master's of Science in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice, and special advanced certificate programs including Wound and Ostomy Care, Foot and Nail Care, and Preceptor Preparation Education. Our communities need healthcare professionals more than ever - join us, and find out why 💪 Spartan Nurses Change the World.

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Our Students and Graduates

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 About the BSN

"I liked how [the] program emphasized different aspects of nursing, such as evidence-based research, cultural competence, and [the] importance of self-care as a nurse." --- Current BSN Student

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 About the MSN

"The San José State FNP program has outstanding leadership... The professors in the program are both passionate and approachable. I am thankful for the exceptional clinical rotations I was able to experience during my time in the program. I am proud to say I earned my advanced practice degree through SJSU..." --- Emily Lunch, MSN, APRN, NP-C

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 About the DNP

“Completing the DNP completely changed my career and my life. Right now is a time that a DNP can strongly influence the future of nursing and health care.” --- Carel Mountain, DNP, RN, CNE, CDP

Nurses in the TVFSON Simulation Lab using baby-simulating tech to learn and teach.

Simulation and Skills Labs for Hands-On Learning

Our student nurses learn to be competent, confident clinicians on campus and off, using virtual reality technology, state of the art simulation tools, and vibrant community partnerships.
The César E. Chávez Monument: Arch of Dignity, Equality and Justice on SJSU campus

Post-RN Continuing Education

With Specialty Certificate programs, a Preceptor preparation program, Master's programs, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice program, The Valley Foundation School of Nursing offers so many ways for RNs to continue their education, advancing their knowledge and their career.

Some SON faculty members around the Peace Pole statue on SJSU campus

Student Success is Our Priority

Your success as a Spartan nursing student is what's most important to us. We apply it all to see you through; Nurse Managed Centers in our community, deeply-involved student groups, nursing-specific scholarships, and broadly-connected faculty in comittee positions throughout the university.
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Ready? Set? Apply! Each program is designed for nurses and prospective nurses at different points in their career journey. Get started today.

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You are interested in making a difference as a nurse - and we want to help you do that. Are you just starting to look at nursing and want to learn the fundamentals with enthusiastic support? Do you have your RN and want to get your Bachelor's degree? Already established in healthcare and now you are ready for your Master's or looking for specialty education in order to add certifications to your resume? Or, are you deep in healthcare, seeing were change is needed and ready to lead that change with your DNP? Wherever you are, we're here to help you advance - yourself, your career, and your community.

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