Preceptor and Clinical Mentorship CE Course

Dr O'Leary-Kelley leading sim trianing

About the Preceptor & Clinical Mentorship CE Course

The Preceptor and Clinical Mentorship Continuing Education Course (Preceptor Course, for short) is designed for nurses who want to share their clinical expertise, to mentor, to teach, and to inspire.

  • Online
  • Self-paced
  • Ten (10) CE contact hours

The goal of the Preceptor Course is to offer nurses education training to mentor and precept other nurses or nursing students in the clinical setting. It is designed for nurses who have assumed the role of a clinical preceptor and still want to enhance their skills and knowledge in clinical mentorship, and for nurses who are interested in becoming a preceptor.

The Preceptor Course is a self-paced, continuing education program, providing core education to nurses who are or intend to be clinical preceptors. There are five modules in the course, and each module requires about two hours to complete. Every module has its own objectives, readings, lecture,  activity/assignment, and assessment. After the last module, participants will be
asked to do a course evaluation via an anonymous Qualtrics survey. Upon completion of the five modules and the evaluation, an electronic certificate of completion with 10 CE contact hours will be issued.

Course content must be completed within a three-month period after beginning.

Format: Online CE Course

CE Contact Hours: 10

Registration Cost: $100.00

Requirements: Complete five self-paced modules

Course Offerings: Spring, Summer, Fall

Eligibility: All licensed RNs are welcome

Register and Pay to begin. Registrants will receive course information within two weeks after payment is received.