Tuition and Other Fees

Regular Courses

Fees are calculated based on enrollment units and residency. To view fee information, see Fall, Spring or Summer as appropriate.

Additionally, Cost of Attendance (COA) is the estimated cost to attend SJSU during the 9-month academic year (August to May). Review the COA table to gain an approximate idea of what an academic year is like financially.

Non-California Resident Fees

Non-resident students pay basic registration fees plus $396 per unit.  For information on residency rules and regulations, visit Office of the Registrar Residency.

Graduate Professional Program Fees

For students in the Early Career MBA, the MS Accountancy and MS Finance programs, the program-related class fees are $270 per unit in addition to basic registration fees and non-California resident fees (if applicable). For more information, please visit Graduate Business Professional Fee [pdf] information. 

Open University Courses

Fees are charged per class. To view fee information, visit Open University: How much does it cost?

Miscellaneous Fees

Fee Type  Amount  Description
Administrative Fee $20 Assessed when payment is overdue
Course Fee  Varies  Additional fees or materials required pertaining to a particular course—determined by department/college offering course 
Returned Check Fee
(first offense) 
$25 Assessed when check is returned from bank—first time
Returned Check Fee
(second offense)
$35 Assessed when check is returned from bank—second time
ID Replacement Fee $5 Assessed when requesting a new Tower Card to replace a card that has been lost or stolen
Installment Payment Plan Fee—Fall and Spring $35 Assessed as a one-time (per semester) processing fee included in the first installment
Late Enrollment Fee $200 Assessed when students add classes after census, but before finals
Re-Enrollment Fee $40 Assessed when classes are administratively dropped by the Bursar's Office for non-payment and student wishes to attend SJSU the following term
Retroactive Add Fee $200 Assessed when students enroll in a class after the semester has ended