Undergraduate Advising

Photograph of Prof. Monika Kress in an office.Welcome to advising for physics majors! I am Prof. Monika Kress, the Department of Physics and Astronomy's Undergraduate Advisor. I can help you with choosing your physics majors courses and navigating the pathway to graduation and beyond. I can also lift your registration holds.

I am looking forward to helping you map out your pathway to graduation, with career-planning for after you graduate, and with any other concerns you might have. Please come by my office some time! I am in Science 240.

In Spring 2022, I will have advising office hours on Friday afternoons from 12-4. We can meet either on zoom or in person. Please make an appointment to come see me! Appointments can be made through Spartan Connect using the link below.

Appointments via Spartan Connect

If you are not seeing any times that are available, take a look at your calendar, you could have yourself marked as "busy" on Friday afternoons. If you are "busy" according to your calendar, it will not show you my Friday appointment times.

I am also available on Mondays if you cannot do Friday afternoons. I am flexible that day so just email me at monika.kress@sjsu.edu suggesting a few times that you are free.