Atomic / Molecular / Optical Physics and Quantum Information

Illustration of quantum state engineering in ultracold atomic gassesAtomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics refers to research on atoms and small molecules and the way in which these objects interact with light. Quantum information science (QIS) is the study of practical applications of quantum theory to modern technologies relying on quantum superposition and entanglement. AMO systems are often good candidates to transmit, store, and manipulate quantum information. While much of the familiar natural world can be described using classical models, there exist a subset of non-classical phenomena in which quantum properties like the wave nature of matter, the particle nature of light, and entanglement are necessary to describe observed physical phenomena. These are the subject of ongoing basic-research investigations as well as an intense industrial push to develop quantum computers and quantum communication networks. AMO and QIS also help physicists develop more sophisticated models of material systems. Research at SJSU in AMO & QIS includes theoretical investigations of weak measurement and feedback control for many-body quantum systems, the development of quantum computing algorithms, and experimental investigations of qubit candidates in wide-bandgap semiconductors. For information and to learn about research opportunities, contact Hilary Hurst, Ehsan Khatami, or Christopher Smallwood.

See also the Quantum Technology Master's Program.