Optics and Photonics

Artistic illustration of Fourier transform spectroscopyOptics is the study of light—how it propagates, how it is created and destroyed, and how its interactions with matter provide a window into the natural world. Among the most powerful attributes of light is its ability to create pictures, and as such a tremendous amount of optics research consists of the development of new ways of imaging natural phenomena with greater sensitivity, with greater resolution, and at lower cost than had previously been considered possible. At the same time, the pairing of light’s coherent properties and short wavelength have positioned it as a critical element of modern precision measurement. Topics of optics research at SJSU include holography, spectroscopy of materials, optical microscopy, and medical diagnostics. For information and to learn about research opportunities, contact Ramen Bahuguna, Peter Beyersdorf, Christopher Smallwood, or Neil Switz.

See also the SJSU Institute for Modern Optics web page.