Institute for Modern Optics

Photograph of the inside of a titanium:sapphire laser.

The Institute for Modern Optics (IMO) at San José State University is a Campus Institute aimed at facilitating communication, collaboration, and coordination among faculty members and students in the areas of modern optics, including electro-optics and lasers. Established in 1986, the Institute features research-active faculty members based out of SJSU’s Department of Physics and Astronomy. The Institute maintains a physical presence in the basement laboratories of the University’s Science Building. Outreach activities have included the hosting of regional optical societies on site, and the organization of classes taught to employees at companies including KLA. Recent IMO research activities have led to the granting of U.S. Patents, the publication of papers in peer-reviewed journals including Science and Cell, and an array of undergraduate student research projects and master’s student thesis projects.


The mission of the Institute for Modern Optics is to raise awareness of the research in modern optics being conducted at San José State. We seek to expose students to research opportunities and collaborate with industry to match those opportunities with the expertise of our faculty and students.


The institute is located in the basement of the Science building. Our mailing address is:

San José State University
Institute for Modern Optics
Department of Physics and Astronomy
One Washington Square
San José, CA 95192-0106