Fall 2019

The CoSS Dean’s Symposium for Fall 2019 was held on Wednesday, November 06, 2019. Four CoSS faculty—Professors Kathleen McConnell, Nikki Yeboah, Rebeca Burciaga, and Tanya Bakhru—presented their research.

Social Science scholarship explores complex, often interrelated, social, economic, environmental, and political processes—both contemporary and historical. It also researches ways to improve quality of life and make society more just, vibrant, and sustainable. The presentations at this semester's COSS Dean's Faculty Symposium represent the wide range of issues that social scientists study: investigating whether California's Master Plan for higher education thwarted more opportunity than it has generated; how the social, political, and economic forces of our globalized era affect women's reproductive and sexual rights; how pedalogical approaches that engage with students' lived experiences—their culture, history, and social context—shapes the educational experience; and why oversaturated images of racial trauma and police violence in our society requires building new narratives and stories that spark intervention in racialized trauma, not just passive public consumption.