November 15, 2022 - We're proud to show off some of our new equipment that will allow us to offer even more services to SJSU!


Xante X-55 Flatbed Printer:  One of the biggest additions to our shop, the X-55 allows us to print on rigid materials up to 50"x55" using UV Inks to provide durable and bright images!  Glass, wood, coroplast, acrylic; we can now print on just about anything!Front profile of Xante X-55 Flatbed Printer


Xerox Versant VR280:  Our brand new Xerox machine that allows us to print up to 80 pages/minute on stocks up to 400gsm.  We can also produce full-bleed booklets with the integrated 3-edge trimmer. Versant VR280 low profile shot


Triumph 5560 Cutter:  This replaces our 15-year-old cutter with a new digital system, allowing for precise cutting down to .01"!Front of Triumph 5560 Cutter




May 3, 2021 - Starting today all work orders for University will need to be under the 660002 (printing) account code, with the only exception being for paper-only orders.  Please see accounting codes here if you have any questions.

November 3, 2021 - Due to supply chain issues, we are running low on certain stocks, please check with us before placing large orders so we can arrange alternatives as needed.  In addition, prices are increasing for our supplies, so we regrettably will be raising prices on some of our items.


Coming soon: Online ordering for University Departments are in development!