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Our Mission

NavFac is a small group of faculty within the SJSU Department of Chemistry whose aim is to hear students’ concerns confidentially* and help them navigate department, college, and university resources so they can get their concerns addressed. We exist because the university is a large and complicated system and sometimes getting the help you need requires knowing the system. We know the system, the people, and the committees well enough to guide students to the right person or team. We want every student connected to Chemistry (majors, research students, class students, etc) to know that we want to hear and support them in their SJSU journey and beyond.  

*All SJSU faculty are "mandatory reporters" for anything that falls under gender discrimination, harassment, abuse, or where there is a potential for self-harm.  

How do I contact you?

If you have an issue you’d like to ask about, all you need to do is fill out this Google form!

Everything will be kept confidential, and we will reach out to you within a week via your preferred contact method!

Current Members

Nicholas Esker Madalyn Radlauer Ningkun Wang

Dr. Nicholas Esker

Dr. Madalyn Radlauer

Dr. Ningkun Wang 

Laura Mugica Sanchez

Stephanie Stepp


Dr. Laura Mugicha Sanchez

Dr. Stephanie Stepp


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