Digital Communications

What's the first thing people do when they want to learn about anything? They look it up online. Not only is our digital platforms a gateway to information about all things SJSU, it also helps us attract, engage and persuade audiences. By learning about the following best practices and available resources, you'll help users find the information they're searching for and create a consistent, branded experience.

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Web Design Standards

The university’s web standards and best practices are designed to make your website as user friendly and consistent as possible, while providing basic instruction in the use of the central content management system (Omni CMS).

Social Media

Social Media is an important and effective tool that allows our university to communicate with faculty, staff, students, alumni and the community. It’s our opportunity to be transparent, start or join conversations and build an online community about the things that matter to our audience.

Digital Marketing and Campaigns

Learn how your team can elevate your marketing efforts, mission, and goals by establishing a digital strategy roadmap to maximize the power of digital ads and email campaigns.