Visual Style

Student walking by a wall graphic.

Create a Visual Connection to SJSU

Visual communication is how we convey SJSU's brand identity through images and graphics. It's one of the key ways we establish brand recognition and consistently convey our identity across channels. Visual communication is also a powerful way to evoke emotion and deepen the meaning of our stories and messages. If you ever have any questions about appropriate usage of brand colors or imagery, don't hesitate to contact a creative team member!

Contact the Creative Team

Brand Resources

Brand Permissions

These guidelines ensure that the university's identity is appropriately and consistently represented by the use of any person, business or organization desiring to use the San José State name, verbiage or identity elements.

University Marks

SJSU uses a series of marks to distinctively portray our name and build memorable recognition for our brand.

Lockups for Campus Units

These lockups (SJSU monogram + unit name) are designed to create and maintain brand unity and consistency across the entire university. So no matter what campus, college or unit is producing the communication, it is appropriately branded.

SJSU Color Palettes

With a brighter, updated color palette, every thing you design will stand out. Just follow our print and web color guide, and your communications will stay true to SJSU's identity.

Typography & Fonts

Consistent use of our unique fonts builds a recognizable "character" style over time and elevates brand perception. Long term use of our unique font families creates a structural familiarity in all university visual communications.

Photography & Video

Images and video help tell our stories and should convey the activity and energy of SJSU and its diverse, vibrant community.