Spirit Mark Variations

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Use these spirit mark variations only on communication materials for audiences that are familiar with San José State. 

Respect the Spartan! Please do not crop, texture or alter the spirit mark in any way. A true Spartan’s integrity must remain intact. 

Spirit mark signatures and spirit mark with SJSU monogram are not substitutes for our primary logo.

Spirit Mark Signatures

Signature samples.

Download Signatures

Spirit Mark with SJSU Monogram

Spirit Mark with Monogram samples.

Download Monogram

Clear Space

Never crowd spirit mark signatures or spirit mark with SJSU monogram with other visual elements. Use the height of the capital “S” as your unit of measurement. Please allow a space of at least “S” around an imaginary box that fits around all the marks’ elements.

Clear space samples.


Proportions matter when using the spirit mark and either the “San Jose State University Spartans” signature or the SJSU monogram together. It’s important to see “Spartans” and “SJSU” first—and then the spirit mark.

Proportion samples.

If you have questions about using and applying these marks properly, please contact the Visual Communication and Design team.