Questions and Answers


Is Counseling and Psychological Services providing services?  

Yes!  We are providing services through telehealth with limited in-person services.    


What are the hours that CAPS is providing services remotely?  

Counseling and Psychological Services is providing services for Summer 2022, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM through 4:30 PM. We also have 24-hour crisis intervention services that students can access at anytime by calling our main number.


How do I get connected to services?  

You can get connected with Counseling and Psychological Services by calling our main line at (408) 924-5910 or emailing us at  


I am a new incoming student to San Jose State University.  When can I begin receiving services?

Welcome to San Jose State University!  New incoming students can begin receiving services from Counseling and Psychological Services when the semester they are entering begins.


Since courses are primarily online, I am living off-campus.  Can I still receive services?  Absolutely!  Providing services remotely through telemental health actually makes counseling more accessible.  We are now able to provide services to students across California and during times that are more convenient for you.    


I am living in Southern California, can I receive services from CAPS?  Yes!  As a student enrolled in the current semester at SJSU, you can receive services as long as you are residing or located in the State of California.  


I am currently residing outside of California.  Can I receive services from CAPS?  

Yes, however, students residing outside of California can only receive limited services.  You can utilize crisis intervention services, attend our workshops, and access our self-help resources.  Continuous individual or group counseling services are not available for students residing outside of California. 


Why can I only receive limited services if I reside outside of California?  

State mental health rules and regulations, as well as state laws, vary.  Practicing mental health services out of the state that a counselor is licensed in may violate those regulations and laws, and may be unethical as well.  We do want students to receive mental health services that they can benefit from; thus, we will assist you in finding services in the area you are residing in.


I am a SJSU student taking courses at Moss Landing.  Can I access services at Counseling and Psychological Services?  

Yes!  As students of San Jose State University, you are eligible to receive all of our services.  As we also operate remotely, our services are more accessible to students at satellite campuses. 


My partner is not a student at SJSU.  Can they receive counseling from CAPS?

Unfortunately no.  Services provided by Counseling and Psychological Services are only available for matriculated students of San Jose State University.   


My partner is not a student at SJSU.  Can we receive couple counseling from CAPS?  

Beginning Fall 2020, in order to be eligible for couple counseling, all members must be matriculated students enrolled in the current semester.   


[8-Session Limit]


Why does CAPS have an 8-session limit per calendar year guideline?  

In order to meet the increasing need of mental health services, the 8 session limit is projected to provide more access to students receiving treatment from CAPS.


Do students have to use all of their 8 sessions in the year?

No.  Students and their counselor will determine what is the appropriate amount of treatment to receive.  At times, that discussion can occur during the first session.  The amount of sessions students receive can also be less than 8 sessions, based on their progress and treatment.


If students don’t use all of their 8 sessions in a year, will they carry over to the next year?

No.  We want to ensure that we can provide as much mental health access to the students at SJSU.  Getting more than 8 sessions in a calendar year may impact other students who may need the service and would not be helpful to the greater campus community. Also, if students need more than 8 sessions, it may be more clinically appropriate to receive those services consistently from an agency that can provide longer-term treatment.


Can students receive all of their 8 sessions in one semester?

Yes, if a counselor determines that it would be clinically appropriate and beneficial for a student to receive 8 sessions in the semester.


If a student does not use all 8 sessions in a semester, can they return the following semester?

Yes.  Students can return to continue receiving services between sessions or to work on a new mental health concern, provided that they did not use all of their 8 sessions for the year.


What happens if students need more than 8 sessions?

Prior to receiving the eighth session, the counselor will discuss with the student the option of receiving more appropriate mental health services from providers in nearby communities.  It is important for the student to follow-through with their counselor’s recommendations and referral, as the counselor is taking into consideration the most appropriate care for the student. 


Can students return the following year to obtain more sessions?

Yes.  However, it is important for students to discuss with a counselor the need for their return.  It may be clinically appropriate and beneficial to obtain continuous care from a provider in nearby communities rather than to return and receive intermittent sessions from CAPS.


What happens if students don’t show up for their scheduled appointment?

It’s important that students do show up for their scheduled sessions or cancel early.  Sessions that are scheduled and not attended could have been utilized by another student.  If students do not show up for their session, CAPS may count that unused appointment as one of the student's 8 sessions for the year.  Additionally, not showing up for their session may make it harder for them to schedule another session with their counselor, given the high clinical demand at CAPS.  


Is it possible that students will not be able to receive any services from CAPS?

No.  All matriculated students who have paid the Student Health fee shall have access to some of CAPS’ services.  Students can always use psychological crisis intervention services, utilize counseling services, and group therapy services. 


Do group therapy sessions count towards the 8-session limit?

No.  Group therapy sessions do not count towards the 8-session limit.  The 8-session limit only applies to individual and couple counseling sessions.


Do crisis intervention services count towards the 8-session limit?

Possibly.  Utilizing our after-hours crisis intervention services does not count towards the 8-session limit per calendar year.  However, repeated use of crisis intervention services during business hours may.  Consultation with your counselor about your use of crisis intervention services will help clarify its count towards the 8-session limit.    


Does attendance in workshops count towards the 8-session limit?

No.  Attending workshops does not count towards the 8-session limit.


Is it possible to get more than 8-sessions for individual counseling in a calendar year?

Possibly.  Discussion about receiving more than 8 sessions should be made with your counselor.  Your counselor, in consultation with licensed colleagues, will determine whether it is feasible and clinically appropriate for you to receive additional sessions.    


How do you ensure privacy and confidentiality in telemental health services?

Privacy and confidentiality are important components to effective mental health services.  Your counselor will discuss privacy and confidentiality in your initial sessions.  Privacy is your ability to control what information you share and with who.  Thus, your environment that you have a conversation in can determine the privacy of that conversation.  For example, if you are having a conversation in a coffee shop, the privacy of that conversation will be different than the privacy of having a conversation in a room with only you and a counselor.  Your counselor will check in with you regularly about the privacy of your environment.  Confidentiality is your right to have information you share with us, not be shared with anyone else without your permission, unless mandated to do so. 


Does Counseling and Psychological Services provide letters of support for emotional support animals (ESA)?  

Unfortunately no.  Documentation for emotional support animals often requires an extensive assessment of a clinical disorder along with a diagnosis.  There may also be federal and state legal requirements and guidelines for accommodations such as emotional support animals.  We suggest consulting with the Accessible Education Center first in issues relating to emotional support animals.    


Can I request a specific counselor or change my counselor?

Yes.  Therapeutic fit is essential for effective counseling.  Thus, it is important to express your preferences in your initial sessions of receiving services.  Additionally, you may request to change counselors at any time.  Be mindful however, that the number of sessions received in the calendar year will continue even when you change counselors.