Masters and Doctoral Programs

EDD Class of 2026
Educational leadership doctoral program class of 2026

Offered Masters and Doctorate Programs

MA - Child and Adolescent Development

This program is for students who are passionate about studying development, from early childhood through emerging adulthood

MA - Counseling and Guidance

Prepares individuals to apply counseling principles and practices to support individuals' academic, vocational, personal, and social development

MA - Special Education

This program is for students interested in leadership roles in special education

MA - Higher Education Leadership

Prepares higher education leaders to engage in transformative thinking and practice to disrupt how power sustains disparate higher educational opportunities

MA - Educational Leadership, Concentration in Emancipatory School Leadership 

Program made for school leaders who wish to engage with leadership practices to improve academic opportunities for marginalized students

MS - Speech-Language Pathology

This program offers an in-depth study of communication disorders and places a high priority on assessment and intervention

MA - Teaching

For students that have completed the SJSU Single or Multiple Subject Credential Program, received their Preliminary Credential, and now seek an MA in Teaching

MA - Multilingual and Multicultural Literacy Education

This program is for students interested in critical pedagogy as well as culturally and linguistically sustaining literacy practices

EdD - Educational Leadership

Prepares students to understand the causes of inequitable outcomes in PK-12 and higher education and the changes holding potential to improve chances for all students