Engineering Course Design


1. To explore how to incorporate the Quality Matters Standards rubrics into course design
2. To create one in-person course and one online course template by incorporating the selected QM Standards into the course design process
3. To create a learning community among faculty members by encouraging the sharing of knowledge and expertise in course design, fostering a culture of growth and development

Engineering Course Design Advisory Committee members

Faculty Department
Dr. Bhawandeep Singh Harsh  Electrical Engineering
Dr. Fatemeh Davoudi  (Co-Lead) Aviation and Technology
Dr. Hongrui Liu Industrial and Systems Engineering
Dr. Mahima Agumbe Suresh  Computer Engineering)
Dr. Maria Chierichetti  Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Lin Zou    Aviation and Technology
Dr. Shilpa Gupta   Industrial and Systems Engineering
Dr. Yazdan Pedram Razi   Aerospace Engineering

Engineering Course Design videos 


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