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The College of Engineering instructional design provides support to our faculty on re-designing courses with technology and applying best practices for online teaching and learning. A wide range of customized training sessions and one-on-one consultations are available for departments, faculty, and staff in order to increase faculty and staff expertise in instructional technology and pedagogy. If you are interested in sharing your best practices with our engineering community or need support, please email We would like to hear from you! Current students can refer to the Learn Anywhere site or additional resources at the bottom of the page.

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Upcoming Training Workshops and Events

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Faculty Conversation

Learn from faculty experts discussing best practices in online and hybrid pedagogy and find a collection of faculty presentations and interviews [event calendar, microlearning recording]


Teaching Experiment Academy grant project

Interested in exploring how to redesign your courses with specifications grading? You can find more information at SJSU TEA tutorials or TEA resources. Or, contact

Faculty Resources

exam assessment tools

Exam Assessment Tools

Find Gradescope, Quizzes, Lockdown Browser, ProctorU, Proctorio exam assessment tools resources here.


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Faculty Sharing Community

Consult with faculty experts or discuss best practices in online and hybrid pedagogy.

Engineering building

Faculty Learning Community

Find resources from Faculty Learning Community presentations.


Engineering Education

Read publications on engineering education from our faculty.


Teach Anywhere

Consult the SJSU Teach Anywhere site for the latest information on resources for remote teaching.

Student Resources

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Student Resources

Consult the SJSU Learn Anywhere site for the latest tips, tricks, and resources available to maximize remote learning.