Ahoura Zandiatashbar

Introduction to Spatial Analytics and Visualization Institute (SAVI) at SJSU; Mapping the public health and economic outcomes of the built environment


This presentation provides a short overview of Spatial Analytics and Visualization Institute (SAVI); the new CSU Campus Institute (CCI) housed in the department of Urban and Regional Planning. In addition to the mission and focus areas, this presentation provides an overview of ongoing and past research projects which implied spatial analytics and visualization techniques to measure and assess the public health and economic outcomes of the built environment.


Dr. Ahoura Zandi(atashbar) is the Urban and Regional Planning Assistant Professor and Co-Founder of the Spatial Analytics and Visualization Institute (SAVI) at San José State University (SJSU) where he expands his research in application of geospatial analytical techniques in mapping the U.S. geography of high-tech zones and exploring the role of urban form in equitable robust knowledge economy and healthy communities. The results of his research have been presented in multiple journals such as Journal of Planning Education and Research, Journal of Urban Studies, the Journal of the American Planning Association and Cities; and more than 20 presentations and talks. Prior to joining SJSU, Dr. Zandi was Clinical Assistant Professor of geospatial data analysis in at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he also served as geospatial data scientist in Urban Data Visualization Lab (UDVL) and was a key member in developing Illinois Map The Count 2020, Illinois COVID-19 Vulnerability, and Chicago’s Tap Water web-maps. Dr. Zandi is the winner of People’s Choice Best Research Award from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning and First Place Award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2015 Campus RainWorks Challenge.