Musical Theatre Minor

The Department of Film and Theatre is proud to announce the addition of a new interdisciplinary minor in Musical Theatre for the 2019—2020 academic year.

The Musical Theatre minor is designed to give students an understanding of the function of the various elements of musical theatre production. Demanding, rigorous training is offered, with a focus on performance.

In the Heights Speing 2018Students will learn the fundamentals of voice, music and dance techniques, as well as the history of the musical. From training to class projects and production opportunities—students acquire the technical skills necessary to pursue a career in musical theatre. Each year the department, in collaboration with the School of Music and Dance, produces a large scale musical at the Hammer Theatre Center.

Requirements of the Minor: 24 Units

Music: 4 Units

  • MUSC 9: Music Fundamentals (3 units)
  • MUSC 26A: Voice Fundamentals (1 unit)

Dance: 2 Units

  • DANC 42A: Topics in Jazz Dance (2 units)

Theatre Arts: 12 Units

  • TA 17: Intermediate Acting (3 units)
  • TA 48: Voice & Movement for the Actor (3 units)
  • TA 103: Musical Theatre (3 units)
  • TA 121: Topics in Performance History (3 units)

Electives: 6 Units

Students must choose a total of six units from Theatre Arts and/or Music and Dance elective courses.

To be awarded the minor, at least 12 units of coursework must be completely distinct and separate from the coursework in the major. (University Policy S16-4)