Internship Site Inquiries

If you are a business interested in becoming an internship site for either our Radio-Television-Film or Theatre Arts program, please contact the respective internship coordinator below. We look forward to exploring the opportunity for your company to provide a critical learning environment for our students. For additional information regarding our internship program, please refer to our FAQ page.

Radio-Television-Film Media

For Radio-Television-Film or Media related internship site opportunities, please contact:

Kim Clark (

Theatre Arts

For Theatre Arts related internship site opportunities, please contact:

      Amy Glazer (

The Career Center advertises internships and job, and they hold job/internship fairs on campus several times a year (sponsorships or representation at these fairs are available). To be added to a California-wide listing of jobs or internships, register your opportunities online at the Career Center.


Once a student is placed with your organization, the RTVF Internship Contract must be completed to establish the student assignment with the site. Students must not begin work before submitting a contract with required signatures from the internship site, SJSU faculty and the student.

After the site-university relationship is legally established (paperwork is completed), the site is responsible for three tasks:

    1. Provide relevant work experience for the student intern.

    2. Supervise student's work at the internship site.

    3. Evaluate the student upon completion of the internship.

A site supervisor may use a Site Evaluation form (provided by the student) to evaluate the intern, or may submit a personal letter of evaluation, if preferred. Please note that there is a deadline for submitting the site evaluation; the intern will not receive credit for the course without a Site Evaluation.

Important Notice

Interns must be registered for TA 198 (for Theatre Arts students) and RTVF 198 (Radio-Television-Film students) while they are doing the internship. Retroactive credit is not allowed, according to the department and university policy.