Why are internships required?

The Department of Film and Theatre requires students to complete an internship course in order to obtain important job-seeking support, gain valuable industry knowledge, network, and develop skills that will help them achieve their post-graduation goals. Our internship classes (RTVF 198 for Radio-Television-Film majors and TA 198 for Theatre Arts majors) offer students the opportunity to gain valuable "real world" experience while receiving academic credit by enrolling in one of the aforementioned internship classes. As you navigate through your academic career, start thinking about places where you would like to intern so you can be prepared for your respective 198 course requirement.

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Course Offerings and Objectives

For RTVF, internships are offered every Fall, Spring, and Summer. For Theatre Arts, internships are offered every Fall and Spring. Our internship courses are designed to help students make practical application of what they have learned in their classes. Most of the coursework is done at the placement site, but research, analysis, and written work also are required to ensure that students make analytical connections between classroom/textbook abstractions and its real-life counterparts. Most importantly, internship students will develop a career portfolio that will provide them with the knowledge and organization needed to be prepared for their industry's job market.

About the Course

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