Acting and Directing Emphasis

The Theatre Arts Major with a focus on acting and directing provides students with the craft and techniques necessary to build a general foundation for the actor/director in training. Our curriculum is designed to introduce performance students to an acting lexicon, basic acting techniques, and a comprehensive method of script analysis. Production opportunities at our Hal Todd black box theatre and at the Hammer Theatre (with both its mainstage and black box theatres), enable a practical application for these techniques. This "acting language" and method of working become the actor’s tool-box for performance problem solving and establishes the foundation of acting and directing for stage, film, television, and radio.

Student acting on stageOur film acting and directing classes provide hands-on camera acting experiences, teaching our students intermediate and advanced film performance grammar and techniques.

Throughout the year, we provide a wide spectrum of showcase opportunities and incorporate industry representatives to share up-to-date resources, career options, and graduate school opportunities. A performance background can serve graduates not only as actors and directors, but as producers, casting directors, agents, publicists, and many other industry professions.

Female student behind camera

Our major is committed to a cohesive and extensive approach to performance education. Upon graduation, students will have developed a literacy from these many performance arenas and possess the comprehensive tools needed to work effectively and creatively in their industry.

Courses in Support of the Acting and Directing Pathway

Required Major Courses

  • TA O11: Script Analysis (3 units)
  • TA 017: Intermediate Acting (3 units)
  • TA 17OA: Acting and Directing for the Camera (3 units)
  • TA 116: Directing (3 units)
  • TA 117: Practice in Acting or Directing (1 unit)

Degree Completion Options

  • TA 110: Advanced Acting (3 units)
  • TA 112: Rehearsal and Performance (3 units)
  • TA T13: Acting and Professional Career Prep (3 units)
  • TA 17OB: Advanced Acting and Directing for Camera (3 units)
  • TA 103: Musical Theatre (3 units)
  • TA 048: Voice & Movement for the Actor (3 units)
  • TA 148: Voice & Movement for Performance (3 units)