In conjunction with MyProgress, the following forms will help you become familiar with our programs (Radio-Television-Film, Theatre Arts, and Dance) and keep you on track to earning your degree. Please download the appropriate forms (or submit the appropriate DocuSign if you need a signed form for a change of major or minor) and have them accessible during every advising appointment. 


DocuSigns should only be used if you are changing or adding a major or minor. To formally track degree progress, students should be using MyProgress and MyPlanner with their advisor, not a Major Form.


Theatre Arts


*DO NOT click on any DocuSign link unless you are ready to fill out and submit it. Each time you click on a link, it creates a form that the department analyst has to delete if you do not immediately fill out and submit the form. 


Tracking Degree Progress

Major Forms are no longer used to track degree progress. Now, students must familiarize themselves with their MyProgress Report to accurately track their degree progress. If you need help navigating through your MyProgress, please see an advisor in the H&A Success Center for guidance. See below for some helpful tips and reminders.

Reviewing Your Report

When accessing your MyProgress report, always "collapse" the categories so you have a better view of the areas that you need to complete. Then, you can use the drop down carrots to collapse and expand the specific areas you need to review. If you print your report, please exand all categories before printing.

Understanding MyProgress Icons

A red square means that the corresponding requirement still needs to be fulfilled before you can graduate.

A yellow diamond means that you are currently in progress of completing the corresponding requirement; as long as you pass the class, it will turn into a green circle after grades post. 

A green circle with a checkmark inside it means that you have satisfied that corresponding requirement. 

If you see nothing but yellow diamonds and green checkmarks in your final semester, then you are on track to graduate as long as you pass all your classes. 

If you think a requirement should have a green circle but it has a red square, please see your major or minor advisor (for your major or minor courses) or an H&A Student Success Center advisor for any GE related issues. 


If you would like to make and exception (formally known as a substitution) for any of your courses so a red square can turn into a green circle, please email your major or minor advisor and provide them with your student ID, the name of the course you are supposed to take, and the course information (name, term, institution) of the course you would like to use instead. 

General Education Advising

For information and advising about your overall and general education (GE) SJSU requirements, please contact the H&A Student Success Center. is the central advising resource for students in the College of Humanities and the Arts.

Location: Clark Hall 244
Main Phone: (408) 924-5095

Schedule a H&A SSC advising appointment.

How do I change my major or minor?

 If you would like to:

  • Declare or change your major to Radio-Television-Film, Theatre Arts, or Dance
  • Add a second major (double-major) in Radio-Television-Film, Theatre Arts, or Dance
  • Add a minor in Radio-Television-Film, Theatre Arts, Musical Theatre, or Dance
  • Add a second minor (double-minor) in Radio-Television-Film, Theatre Arts, Musical Theatre, or Dance
  • Change your minor to Radio-Television-Film, Theatre Arts, Musical Theatre, or Dance

...please email your respective advisor* and provide them with the following information:

  • SJSU Student ID (in the subject line and body of the email)
  • The major/minor action you would like to take (change/add/declare)
  • The program you are declaring, adding, or changing to (i.e.: RTVF Major, RTVF Minor, TA Major, TA Minor, Musical Theatre Minor, Dance Major, Dance Minor)
  • Units Earned (UE) — This number is found at the bottom of your SJSU Unofficial Transcript in the UE column for your last completed term. Do not count more than 70 units from 2-year institutions in your total; in other words, if you have more than 70 units from your 2-year institutions, please subtract the overage from your UE total. You can access your unofficial transcript in your MySJSU account.

Once your advisor is able to process your email, they will send you a Major/Minor Action Form via DocuSign. If you have 90 or more UE, please meet with your prospective advisor (as assigned below) prior to completing the DocuSign.

*Advisors are assigned by the first letter of the student's last name.

RTVF Advisors

Student Last Name Advisor 
A-F Capri Burrows
G-O Dr. Hojeong Lee
P-Z Dr. Raha Shojaei

Theatre Arts Advisors

Student Last Name Advisor
A-G Andrea Bechert
H-O Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti
P-Z Kathleen Normington

Dance Advisor

Student Last Name Advisor 
A-Z Chafin Seymour